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Bilingual article by La Isla Magazine

Maribel Acosta

-Fine Arts School "Escuela de Artes 20 de octubre". Havana, Cuba, 1981-1984
-Academy of Fine Arts "Academia San Alejandro". Havana, Cuba, 1984-1988.
Degree: Professor of  Drawing and Printmaking
-Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Specialization in School of Theatre Arts  : Actress and Theater Director. Havana, Cuba, 1988-1990
-Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE). School of Psychology. Specialization: Clinical Psychology. Quito, Ecuador, 1993-1996
-Science of Education. University of Loja. Quito-Ecuador 2008-2009

 Employment, Awards, Training and Experience:


-South Carolina Arts Alliance Board Member

-Honoring Maribel Acosta for significant contributions in her profession and work in the community (YWCA Charleston)


Executive Director of Art Pot 


-Flowers vendor (Character) The Footlight Players Season of  "A Streetcar named Desire" January-February 2016
-Presenter and producer in Radio Show for Hispanic radio station in North Charleston.
-Collaborator and writer in Multicultural Bilingual Magazine "La Isla"(Publication in the Lowcountry of South Carolina)
-Founder and director of Hispanic Theater Group “Art Pot”
-Professor of theater in workshops for hispanics in North Charleston.
-Solo Exhibition / February 2014 (Saul Alexander Gallery, Charleston, SC)
-Concurrent Solo Exhibition / May and June 2014 (North Charleston City Hall)
-Visionary Award 2014 given by SC Hispanic Chamber  to recognize extraordinary leaders in the Hispanic community whose lives are devoted to making sure those that do not normally have a voice can have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. (Greenville, SC)
-Women of the Year 2015 given by HSPFSC and representatives of the spanish press in SC
-Solo Exhibition / September-October 2013 (827 Gallery. West Ashley)
-Consultor in "Creative Bridge". New Jersey (2009-2010)
-Professor of Theatre (section Middle School and High School) Experimental School "Albert Einstein" (2004-2009)
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design of:
“The Wizard of Oz"
 "History of Chanukah"
 "La Ventana"
 "Oh Limbo"
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design of:
 "Once upon a time a King". High School students of  Experimental School "Albert Einstein". (1st prize in Intercollegiate Festival organized by the JAI Theatre) .
-Graphic Design CD "As I got" Jazz
-Participation in the Third International Meeting of Teachers and Schools of Theatre. Faculty of Arts at the Central University of Ecuador. Attendance at the workshops:
"Theatre Games for Initiation Art" taught by Professor Manuel Guerrero (Peru),
"The dramatic play for children" taught by Professor Ruben Herrera (Mexico).
-Attendance at the workshop "Film's script",  by the Argentine filmmaker Eliseo Subiela organized by the Foundation "Octahedron".
- Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design of: "Don Quixote" (Mounting conducted with High School students of Experimental School "Albert Einstein". 2nd Prize in the Intercollegiate Festival) organized by the JAI Theatre .
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design in Mountings conducted with Middle School students of Experimental School "Albert Einstein" presented in "Tales Festival" JAI Theatre :
 "The Toy Store"
- "Doctor Me Di Cin"
- "Pots and Robbers"
- "Adventure front of the TV"
- "The mystery of the color balls"
-Attendance at the workshop "Preparation and Management of Audiovisual Media" given at the Foundation "Octahedron". Quito.
-Staging of the play "Color Adventure" (Mounting conducted with students from Pre Kindergarten and 1st grade. Experimental School "Albert Einstein")
- Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design of:
"Octopus Garden" High School students of Experimental School "Albert Einstein"
Presentation at the JAI Theatre.
Presentation in the Theatre "San Gabriel"
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design in Mountings conducted with Middle School students of Experimental School "Albert Einstein"
-The House of Bernarda Alba" (2nd Prize at the Festival Festival organized by the College "San Gabriel")
 "The Shoemaker's Prodigious". Presentation in JAI Theatre
-Staging, playwriting, directing and acting with puppets in Experimental School "Albert Einstein" : "The sparrow did not want to go to school"
-Attendance at the workshop Introductory Seminar on Primary Education Program (PEP) issued by the International Baccalaureate responsible for Latin America Gabriela Bevenuti.
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design of:
 "Fiddler on the Roof" with students from High School . Experimental School "Albert Einstein"
1st Prize Best Director and awards to 4 players at the Festival organized by the College "San Francisco de Quito"
3rd Prize in Staging Award in Festival organized by the college "San Gabriel"
Presentation at the College Miguel de Cervantes
Presentation at the headquarters of the Jewish community of Ecuador.
Presentation at the opening of the JAI Theatre.
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design and Set Design of: 
"Pinky" (with students from High School of the Experimental School "Albert Einstein"
Presentation at the Theatre Hall of the College).
Pinocchio" (with students from preschool section of the Experimental School "Albert Einstein")
Costume Design and Set Design Staging of "The ugly duckling" by the school "International Lyceum", Quito.
-Directing, Staging, Playwriting, Costume Design, Set Design and acting with puppets in Experimental School "Albert Einstein": "The dog who could not bark"
-Professor of Art (section Elementary, Middle School and High School)) "Columbus Educational Unit"
-Graphic Design Poster "Sabian Ecuador Sponsorship Gino Castillo"
-Graphic Design Poster "Pearl Auspico Ecuador to Cruks at Karnak."
-Graphic Design CD "Live Oscarito Valdes Afro-Jazz
-Graphic Design CD "Holy Word Gc and POP"
-Professor of Art (Elementary Section) "Glenn Doman Institute"
-Professor of Theatre Workshop. Conservatory "Mozarte", Quito.
-Graphic Design Promotional Poster restaurant "Tequila House"
-Personal exhibition within the "No-Salon of Contemporary Art and Descontemporáneo". Quito
-Professor of Art and Drama Theater (section Middle School and High School) in "Henri Becquerel"
-Attendance at the Research Workshop Theatre directed by Toni Cots (Danish director) organized by the organization Skylight, Quito.
-Design, illustration and layout Magazine "Three Manuelas" sponsored by the European Union and the Municipality of Quito.
-Research and writing of article "Art, a socially-recognized career in Ecuador" for magazine "Eye Water".
-Research and writing  of article "Two women (Tungurahua and Cotopaxi)" for the magazine "Eye Water"
-Graphic Design CD "Symphony in jazzz 2001" Quito.
-Logo design and stationery company "Trateggio" Conservation and Restoration of Art and Monuments.
-Poster-Design "Concert of Jazz, Blues, Latin Jazz". La Creperie, Quito.
-Owner "Dragonfly Café Art Center"
-Professor of Art and Basics Design. Experimental College "Albert Einstein" (Seccion Elementary and Middle School)
- Layout brochures "Mazda Customer Communication" Maresa, Quito.
- Design of promotional posters for restaurant "San Antonio de Cabeza"
-Attendance to the workshop "The actor and his body" issued by the Group Malayerba, Quito.
-Performance in the "The night he lost the gun," presented by the workshop participants Malayerba theater group at its headquarters in Quito.
-Co protagonist role in the TV series "Archivo Secreto" Telamazonas ", Quito.
-Assistance in pre-production film "Sueños en la Mitad del Mundo", Quito.
Collective Exhibition of Prints "Architects Association Quito"
-TV-Commercial Voiceovers Chamomile Shampoo "Para mi Bebe” Andina news agency BBDO, Quito.
-Folding design "Paving Jama" Andina BBDO, Quito.
-Design logo "Coaxial, Telecom and Services." Andina news agency BBDO, Quito.
-Diploma of appreciation for the participation in the exhibition of small format Engraving in Chamaliers, France (“by the contribution to the art of our times”): “Parchemin LAssociation Musee d'Honneur de l'Art Contemporain in the Mondiale d'Estampes Triennnale petit format". Chamaliers, France pour la contribution au rayonnement d'lart de notre temps”.
-Attendance at the workshop on "Playwriting for Actors and Directors in the Creative Process", issued in the city of Quito by the theater director Carlos Diaz Alfonso.
-Protagonist role in the Children's Theatre play "A Star is Born." Group "Contraelviento Theather Group". Cultural Center "The Beheaded", Quito.
-Owner and Professor of Art at the Cultural Center "Los decapitados"
-Protagonist role in the Theatre play "The litle Prince", assembly of the group "La Espada de Madera" Presentation in the room "Demetrio Aguilera Malta", Ecuadorian Culture House and the Phoenix Theater, Quito.
-Logo design and stationery "Equinox Group", Quito.
-Member of the Theatre Group "La espada de Madera".
-Member of the  “Association Engraving of Ecuador”
-Collective Exhibition in “Posada de las Artes  Kigman"
-Attendance to the workshop "Directing Actors for Film and TV" issued by the German director, Richard Blank, sponsored by the Goethe Institute in Munich, Bavaria Radio and TV, and Asocine Humboldt Association, Quito.
-Participation as a script, in the practice of filming the short film "The last break" with the direction of German director, Richard Blank, Quito.
-Protagonist role in the TV series "Dejemonos de Vainas" Ecuavisa, Quito.
-Secundary role in the TV series "La Vidente" Ecuavisa, Quito.
-Production Assistant in the filming short "Yo si que no tengo a nadie", winner of 2nd Prize in Fiction Video Contest organized by Asocine, Quito
-Participation in the Workshop Theatre given by the Italian Theater Director Eugenio Barba, Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba.
-Art Direction (scenic assistance) in the short film "Los Blues del Estreñido", 16 mm, 20 minutes. Address: Diego Falconi (Ecuador). International Film School "San Antonio de los Baños", Cuba.
-Art Direction (scenic assistance) in Short Fiction "Viernes Santo", 16 mm, 25 minutes. Address: Stella Malagon (Colombia). International Film School "San Antonio de los Baños", Cuba.
-Garment (attendance) in Short Fiction, "Do you  want..." 35 mm, 15 minutes. Address: Manuel Rodriguez (Cuba). International Film School "San Antonio de los Baños", Cuba.
-Protagonist role in short fiction film "El irremediable negocio de soñar", 16 mm, 15 minutes. Address: Hispano Duron (Honduras). International Film School "San Antonio de los Baños", Cuba.
-Attendance to the workshop "The dramatic text and the actor" dictated by researcher Cesar linguistic and theatrical Pavis, Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba.
-Member of the Group Theater of the Casa de la Cultura de Plaza led by Adolfo Villazuza and Jorge Ferrera:
"Snow White, a princess for seven large right" (co-Protagonist)
"Bodas de Sangre" (Secondary)
"The Hotelito" (Protagonist)
"Story of a horse that fed gardens" (Monologue)
"The Martian" (Protagonist)
Set Design of works:
"Desire Under the Elms" and "Sailboat"
-Collective Exhibition "The Hole". Gallery Havana, Cuba.
-Prize management of soundtrack, the play "Desire Under the Elms." Encounter Theatre 1988, Havana, Cuba.
-Attendance at the workshop Graphic Expression taught by Ripzard Krzwka. Instituto Superior de Arte. Cuba.
-Attendance at the workshop Technical intaglio taught by Eugenio Tellez. Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana, Cuba.
-Participation in the International Encounter of Engraving. Cuba.
-Participation in the Second International Meeting of screen printers. -Attendance at the workshop Experimental Art Screen Printing "René Portocarrero." Cuba.
-Protagonist in the play "Erase una vez un rey" presented at the Theatre "Mella" under the direction of René Losada, and the collaboration of Eduardo Vergara, Vicente Revuelta and Gaspar Gonzalez. Havana, Cuba.

Bilingual article by The Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts


Maribel Acosta González nació en La Habana, Cuba, el 24 de julio de 1969. Su experiencia como estudiante en la Escuela Secundaria de Artes y más tarde en la "Academia de Bellas Artes San Alejandro"  en La Habana, marcó no sólo su formación como artista, sino también su sensibilidad como ser humano de la mano de excelentes profesores y artistas. 

Su tesis fue polémica, ya que aplicó sus conocimientos en los fundamentos de la técnica del grabado en una escenografía. La presentación fue un trabajo de Adaptación Dramática del texto, Dirección y Actuación. Después de estudiar artes visuales durante siete años, Acosta estudia en la famosa Escuela de Artes Teatrales en La Habana, también trabajó  en proyectos de cortometrajes de cine de los estudiantes, como actriz, directora de Arte y asistente escenográfica en la Escuela Internacional de Cine "San Antonio de los Baños", Cuba. Es a partir de esta relación que Acosta en 1991 viajó a Quito, Ecuador; uniéndose a la "Asociación de artistas Gráficos Ecuatorianos", formando parte de algunas exposiciones colectivas, a la vez de trabajar como actriz de televisión y como miembro de grupos de teatro como actriz, directora y escenógrafa. En 1994 su trabajo calcográfico fue expuesto en Chamaliers, Francia, recibiendo un Diploma de Honor por su contribución al arte de nuestros tiempos. Incursionó  además en el diseño gráfico. 

A partir de 1999, decidió dedicarse por completo a la educación y obtuvo experiencias enriquecedoras en la pedagogía de las Artes Visuales y Artes Teatrales. Centró su trabajo en la dirección teatral y la motivación de los jóvenes en la actividad teatral recibiendo varios premios importantes. 

En 2009 viajó a Nueva York. Desde 2010 se estableció en Charleston, SC donde retomó sus proyectos como artista, con tres exposiciones personales: en la Galería 827, en la Galería Saul Alexander y en North Charleston City Hall dentro del Festival de las Artes, donde también presentó, dirigiendo y actuando, la primera obra de teatro en idioma español en esta ciudad. También ofrece su ayuda en diversas actividades con diferentes grupos comunitarios. Hoy en día, Maribel Acosta es Fundador y Director Ejecutivo de Art Pot,  Grupo Multicultural, Educación a través del Arte, para niños y adultos. Acosta  es miembro de la Junta de South Carolina Arts Alliance. En 2018 recibió un premio de honor por sus significativas contribuciones profesionales, otorgado por YWCA Charleston.

* La Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro estableció en 1818 en La Habana, Cuba, es la escuela más antigua de América Latina. Las figuras más importantes del arte cubano se graduaron de San Alejandro y colocan el Arte Cubano en un lugar destacado a nivel mundial. Un diploma de San Alejandro es un respaldo importante para un artista cubano. Importantes artistas han estado en esta Academia, incluyendo su primer líder, Jean Baptiste Vermay, un artista francés recomendado por Goya y el duque Luis Felipe de Orleans.

Nov. 24, 2014, Greenville, S.C. – The South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presented its 2014 Evelyn Lugo Visionary Award to Lydia Cotton and Maribel Acosta on November 20 at the Chamber’s ¡Impacto! Excellence in Business Awards. The board of the SC Hispanic Chamber created the Evelyn Lugo Visionary Award to recognize extraordinary leaders in the Hispanic community whose lives are devoted to making sure those that do not normally have a voice can have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. These are leaders who, through their extraordinary vision and courageous work are improving the lives of many people in South Carolina. They are thinkers and doers–people who pursue their vision with determination and impact. More importantly, these are leaders who display a selfless style of leadership that is focused on making their communities a better place to live, work, worship, conduct business and raise a family. Both of these community leaders have invested their lives into the community of North Charleston. Their vision is to close the gap between the Hispanic community and government, non profit organizations, agencies, churches, and businesses. "I believe many of our problems come from within us,” said Cotton. “I think we have to be active to make the city a better city, instead of complaining or blaming others."Cotton serves as the N. Charleston Hispanic Liaison, not only connecting the community with services but making sure that the community gets involved in volunteerism and fostering awareness of social issues within the community.Acosta volunteers her support to the Hispanic community of North Charleston via MagArt with a radio show called “Dame La Mano con Maribel Acosta” in Sol radio 980AM and 1480AM, where she offers valuable community information to her listeners.   Her latest and most important role is with a theatrical group called Art Pot, where she offers free acting workshops to children and adults in the community, giving them the opportunity to develop their acting potential and art for theater.

La junta directiva de la Cámara Hispana SC creó el Premio al Visionario Evelyn Lugo que  reconoce a los líderes extraordinarios en la comunidad hispana y cuyas vidas están dedicadas a asegurarse de que aquellos que normalmente no tienen voz puede tener una voz en las decisiones que afectan sus vidas.Estos son los líderes que, a través de su extraordinaria visión y valiente trabajo, ayudan amejorar la vida de muchas personas en nuestras comunidades en Carolina del Sur.  Son personas con pensamientos y acciones con una visión determinante y de impacto. Más importante, estos son líderes que muestran un estilo desinteresado de liderazgo que se centra en hacer de sus comunidades un mejor lugar para vivir, trabajar, adorar, realizar negocios y formar una familia.Ambas líderes han invertido su vida en la comunidad de North Charleston. Su visión es cerrar la brecha entre la comunidad hispana y el gobierno, las organizaciones sin fines de lucro, iglesias y empresas."Creo que muchos de nuestros problemas vienen de nosotros mismos", dijo Cotton. "Soy una fiel creyente que tenemos que estar activos en nuestra comunidad para hacer de la ciudad una mejor ciudad, en lugar de quejarse o de culpar a los demás ".Lydia Cotton sirve de enlace entre la comunidad hispana y la ciudad de N. Charleston, y no sólo conecta la comunidad con servicios,sino que se asegura que la comunidad se involucra en el voluntariado fomentando el conocimiento de los problemas sociales dentro de la comunidad.Acosta ofrece voluntariamente su apoyo a la comunidad hispana de North Charleston a través de MagArt a través de un programa radial llamado "Dame La Mano con Maribel Acosta" .  Este programa se transmite a través de la 980AM Radio Sol y la 1480AM, donde  se ofrece valiosa información a la comunidad en general.  Su más importante aporte es con el grupo teatral llamado Art Pot, donde ofrece talleres de actuaciôn gratis a niños y adultos de la comunidad, dándoles la oportunidad de desarrollar su potencial en la actuación en el teatro y el arte.

North Charleston Citizens Public Safety Academy

Class of North Charleston Citizens Public Safety Academy. Learning about the work that the city does and the services that protect us.

(11 weeks looking at what Police Officers, Firefighters, Code Enforcement Officers and Building Inspectors encounter on a daily basis)

Participación en las Clases North Charleston Citizens Public Safety Academy. Aprendiendo sobre el trabajo que la ciudad hace y los servicios que protegen a la comunidad.  (11 semanas mirando lo que los oficiales de policía, bomberos, oficiales de aplicación de códigos e inspectores de edificios encuentran diariamente )

May-June-July 2014

Presenter in Spanish 

Presenter in Spanish at Conference for Parents, Department of Community Outreach - School District Charleston - 2014

Community Work


Maribel Acosta González was born in Havana, Cuba, on July 24, 1969. Her experience as a student at the School of Arts and later at the Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro” * in Havana, marked not only her training as an artist but also her sensitivity as a human being from the hands of excellent teachers and artists. She received a Degree of Visual Arts as a Professor of Drawing and Engraving.

Her thesis was controversial, as she applied her knowledge of the fundamentals of the art of engraving on a stage design. The presentation was a work of dramatic adaptation of the text, scenography, directing and acting. After studying visual arts for seven years, she studies at renowned School of Theatrical Arts in Havana and also she worked on short film students projects as an actress, and assistance of Art and Scenery at International School of Cinema “San Antonio de los Baños”, Cuba. It is from this relationship that Acosta in 1991 traveled to Quito, Ecuador;  she joins the “Printmakers Association of Ecuador”, being part of some collective exhibitions, both being a member of theater groups as an actress, director, and set designer.  In 1994 her engraving work, was exhibit in Chamaliers, France, for which she was chosen by the Association representing Ecuador. Thereby, she received a Diploma of Honor from France. Her work in etching was followed a venture into graphic design and her work as an actress, both on television and in theater.  

In 1999, she decided to devote herself entirely to education and she had enriching experiences teaching Visual Arts and Theatre Arts. She has centered her work in theatrical direction and the motivation of the youth in theatrical activities receiving various important awards.

In 2009 Maribel traveled to New York . In 2010 she decide to settle in Charleston, SC and retook her project as an artist, with three solo exhibitions: at Gallery 827,  Gallery Saul Alexander and North Charleston City Hall within the North Charleston Arts Festival, where she also presented, directing and acting, the first play in Spanish in this city. Also offers her help in various activities with different Community Groups. Today, Maribel Acosta is a Founder and Executive Director of Art Pot Multicultural Group, Education through the Arts, for children and adults.​ Acosta  is a South Carolina Arts Alliance Board Member. In 2018 she received Honoring for significant contributions in her profession and work in the community (YWCA Charleston).

* The National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro established in 1818, in Havana, Cuba, is the oldest school in Latin America. The most important figures of Cuban Art graduated from San Alejandro and placed Cuban Art in a prominent position globally. A degree from San Alejandro is an important endorsement for a Cuban artist. Important artists have led this Academy including the first leader, Jean Baptiste Vermay, a French artist recommended by Goya and Duke Luis Felipe of Orleans. 

Maribel Acosta Glez
CEO and Executive Director of Art Pot


​-Fine Arts School "20 de Octubre". Havana, Cuba, 1981-1984
-Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro". Havana, Cuba, 1984-1988.
Degree: Professor of Drawing and Printmaking
-ISA. Theatre School: Specialty: Actress and Theater Director. Havana, Cuba, 1988-1990
-Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE). School of Psychology. Specialty: Clinical Psychology. Quito, Ecuador, 1993-1996
-Science Education University of Loja. Quito-Ecuador 2008-2009

2015 Hispanic Community Liaison Summit


Radio Martí  (Florida)     Interview in Spanish

Conferences Series 

Art, Culture and History - Columbia, SC - South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs - 2015



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